The Brilliance of the “Thank You” Tour


     As the left does everything imaginable to discredit the election and will of the people, in comes President-elect Donald Trump, with his seemingly improvisational ‘Thank You Tour.’  What better way to end a political campaign season and brilliantly acknowledge the people who supported him. While the left manufactures every and any excuse to discredit the sea change that has arisen in this country, Trump eases back into the role that people love him for, the crusader that will ‘Make America Great Again.’ He brings the discussion back to the issues that concern the American people  and shifts the American psyche back to what Americans want -jobs, prosperity, and a country that stands proud and tall upon the world stage.

     We must realize that the left’s insistence on discrediting the election, is getting quite insidious and I would say dangerous. Each of the left’s arguments can be dismantled, like the Russian intervention in the election, with the Obama administration having ignored  foreign-actor cyber-attacks for a long time, suddenly having  an awakened interest in the matter, at it’s best is disingenuous. The fact remains that the left’s real agenda is to prevent American unity. They want to discredit Trump’s message. They want to block the message from reaching the larger  populace, knowing that as people hear the agenda, they are seeing that it is not racist, not scary, not divisive, but rather a call to unity and greatness for all Americans. Is a call to leave the rolls of welfare and enter the job force racist? Does the desire for individuals to be prosperous mean being greedy and insensitive to others? This is the illogic of the left. It is actually corruptive and prevents the basic human urge for self-improvement from emerging, which is inherent in all people.

     President-elect Trump will continue his improvisational road show to reach the public. He has shown he does not need the mainstream media to carry his message and has outwitted them at every turn as they choose to deceive the public. Alternate news feeds are being established [notice the new fear of ‘fake news!’]

     It is an exciting time for the new populist American movement.  A movement that when given a chance will include all people – a real movement to shape the future of this nation and American lives. Let us not be side-tracked again by the selfish motivations of those who seek to destroy and tear down. We have entered a new age of the new American gestalt! What do you think?  


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