Don’t Count on the Recount


We’ve all heard the numerous reasons and explanations for the vote recount. From Jill Stein’s guilt to the DNC’s wanting to raise money, to planting a suspicion about Trump’s authentic win in the election, the question that has to be asked is, “What is really going on here?” There are those who are just dismissing the whole recount, wanting to move on, but I would say this is a serious matter; diabolical at worst, stupid at best. So, let’s take a look at this post-election recount frenzy. I would posit another theory – let’s just call it part of the DNC autopsy and potential for fraud.

It is quite clear that the shock of Trump’s win is still reverberating. If you read much of social media there is either absolute glee juxtaposed against those who are pounding and hammering the evils of a Trump presidency. Yet, I say there is something more insidious going on. In recounting votes in the key states that Trump won, county by county, district by district, the demographics of Trump’s win will become more apparent. Statistics and data will be collected so that this upset will try to be prevented in the future. The ‘angry white man narrative’ that won Trump the election according to the Democrats, can no longer be sustained and they want to get at the root of who actually voted for Trump. Where do they live and who are they? A recount can provide some of this information and data with four years for the DNC to figure out how to manipulate it, waiting for the next election.

In addition to the illegal votes that were cast, [in states like California and New York] which always adds to the large popular vote in these areas, as evidenced last night when a former immigration agent on FOX news, spoke about his apprehension of illegals over the course of his career, finding many illegal voter ID’s, the Dems will try to figure out some strategy to upset these areas that unexpectedly voted for Trump. This recount should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of suspect money behind it, and the goal to de-legitimize the election is obvious, but this data collection bothers me most. It is important that those of us in the Make America Great Again movement not be lulled into the glorious fact that we won. We must still be ever vigilant that there are those who want to destroy our nation, as we can see by the recent outbreak of flag burnings. It is said, that in times of conflict, the adults in the room must stand up. We must not let the left fool the masses that they are the party of unity, freedom, and tolerance. In fact, it is the provenance of level-headed Americans, who actually love this country to promote a state of inclusion. In every inclusive community, dialogue, the ability to listen and love must be stronger than the impetus towards hate and resentment. In this way, we can create a critical mass to transcend the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’

Don’t pass over this vote recount as some silly exercise in futility, It is wrong, unfounded, and being used as a method of disqualifying Trump in the eyes of the people. There will be information and data collected in an effort to turn these districts and voters back to the Democratic party. So with eyes open, let’s take the high ground. Just as the Carrier factory decision in Indianapolis today elevated Trump and his word to those who are still ‘unbelievers’ – we must also take the high road. Make no mistake, we are being scrutinized and watched. It is up to each one of us to be a model for a new America that is not yet reflected in the media and popular culture! There are not enough numbers in the universe, including the concept of infinity, for the liberals to disqualify the resounding message of this election, through this tactic of the recount. Move over folks, because positive change is in the air and it is not going to be rolled back!


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